Here at Web District, we're constantly working on projects of all shapes and sizes. Each one has its own individual challenges, and it's important for us to approach each project carefully to ensure the clients (and their customers') needs are met. This is why we follow a 5 stage approach to each site, making sure we always cover all bases and leave our customers feeling happy they chose the right team to deliver their website. Here is our approach:

Stage 1 - Free Consultation

First, we get to know the client over a free consultation. We take the time to sit down with them and understand the issues they have and the solutions we can provide. Sometimes clients know exactly what they want, and sometimes we can provide them with the best approach.

Stage 2 - Design Stage

Once the client is happy to proceed, our creative department gets to work on pulling together the website design. We will talk to you about the look and feel, functionality, structure and purpose of each element of the website. This is the creative process where we get the opportunity to impress! Once the client is happy, we move onto stage 3!

Stage 3 - Development Stage

If we impressed our client at the previous stage, here is where we really make their vision a reality - our development team work on bringing the designs to life, and completing the website build.

Stage 4 - Presentation

After an internal quality check to make sure the website meets our high standards, it is then presented to the client. This is where they check through and make sure everything meets expectations. Any further amendments can then be made before we get to the final stage... the big launch!

Stage 5 - Website Launch!

The exciting part! Once both ourselves and the client are completely happy with the website, we will bring the website live. We will do any final checks and make sure everything is running smoothly.

If they have the self-maintenance package, we will run through a full tutorial, so that they completely understand how to maintain and update the website and do updates. We are always here on hand to help if necessary and will always make sure the site is up and running.


The Web District Team!