If you are wanting to drive organic traffic to your website, this is a big one. There are a number of factors that play into creating a search engine friendly website, from meta descriptions, keywords and SSL certificates, through to loading speeds and cross-device compatibility. Just ensure you have this covered to help drive traffic and make the most of your website. These next points will also contribute towards optimising your website!

Give your visitors a reason for returning by keeping your website up-to-date with valuable content. This can be product updates, blog posts, banner changes, image refreshing and news updates. It is all-important and will keep your website looking amazing, as well as getting SEO benefits.

Just completed some work with a client? Write about it! Not only does it keep your website fresh but if you can link off to customer websites and your customers can link back to you, this helps with your SEO rankings.

It sounds obvious but as you update your website more and more, making sure your links are all in working order is super important. The last thing you want is for a customer to click on a button, to find they land on a 404 ‘page not found’ page. Just periodically give your pages and links a quick health check and ensure everything is in working order.

With all our packages we install tools and preventative measures to keep your website running smoothly. One example is a URL redirect. Did you move a page on your website? Do your customers have that page bookmarked? No problem! Our tools create these redirects for you, so if a customer went to the old URL, they will be automatically redirected to the new page.

40% of visitors will leave if your load speed takes longer than 3 seconds, with 47% expecting a 2 second loading time. File sizes are a big culprit for loading speed, so keeping file sizes to a minimum and optimising your images will really contribute towards lowering your load time.

We work closely with you to ensure when your website goes live, all your content is optimised and pages load quickly. We also use tools to ensure images are uploaded at the optimum size and are only rendered when necessary, reducing loading times.

You have now followed points 1 to 4, and your website is healthy and looking amazing! Now you need to keep a steady flow of traffic by directing people to your website through marketing methods. This can be via social media channels, printed material and other marketing campaigns. It’s really important to get your name out there and drive traffic back to your website, so be creative, offer value and keep your customers’ needs at the forefront of everything you do.